Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane Inc

Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane inc

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Club Merchandise

Orders for clothing and spare wheel covers are placed several times a year as there is a minimum number required.  Contact to put your name down (payment required in advance).

Other items are generally available.  Contact to order yours now!




Mini Umbrella



Golf Umbrella

 Woollen Beanie

 Mini Portable Umbrella

 Golf Umbrella

 Member  $11
 Non-Member  $15
 Member  $15
 Non-Member  $20
 Member  $20
 Non-Member  $25
   Items Embroidered with Club Logo  





Wind Jacket

 Polo Shirt

 Polar Fleece

 Spray Jacket

 Member  $25
 Non-Member  $30
 Member  $30
 Non-Member  $35
 Member  $35
 Non-Member  $40

Club Mugs


Spare Wheel Covers


 Thermal Mugs

Spare Wheel Covers

 Member  $5
 Non-Member  $8
 Member  $35
 Non-Member  $40

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