Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane Inc

Essential Equipment

The following equipment is required to be carried by ALL members (per vehicle) on ALL trips unless specific otherwise by the Trip Leader.  The ONLY exclusion to this rule is the Orientation Day / Orientation Weekends as these are learner weekends.

Each vehicle is required to carry

  • Rated Recovery Points Front and Rear (tow balls are NOT suitable)
  • UHF Radio (CH 17)
  • Rated D or Bow Shackles
  • COVERED Footwear (no thongs!)
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Rated Snatch Strap
  • First aid kit
Optional Equipment

Optional but generally highly recommended equipment to be carried is as follows:

  • Torch / Work light
  • Terrain specific tyres
  • Shovel, Axe and Bush Saw
  • Hi-lift Jack and suitable base plate
  • Rigger's Gloves (for handling winch cables etc.)
  • Extra tow straps, drag chains and tree trunk protectors
  • Emergency spare parts, tools and fluids (eg. water / oil / WD40 / etc.)
  • Winch - portable (eg. Tirfor) or vehicle mounted including any spares and accessories (eg. shear pins etc.)


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