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Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane inc

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Recovery Information

Whilst the club takes all precautions there will be times on trips that recoveries will be necessary and you need to be aware of the following information

  • The trip leader is responsible for making all decisions on the trip. The trip leader can delegate that responsibility to another member if the Trip leader deems it is necessary.
  • If a recovery is necessary the Trip leader will be in control of the recovery
  • Any damage to vehicles is the responsibility of the owner of the vehicle and whilst the club will assist in the recovery sometime damage is unavoidable.
  • Listen to what the Trip leader tells you to do and if you are not comfortable with it or do not fully understand what they are asking you to do, discuss it with the Trip leader before doing it
  • All other Trip participants not involved in the recovery must be at a minimum distance of 1.5 times the longest rope/strap/cable. Due to the strain on equipment it can break and go flying off.
  • All children must be supervised by their parent/guardian and pets if allowed on a trip should also restrained if required.
  • Each vehicle must be insured and all it is recommended that all participants also have break down coverage, as whilst the club will assist in a recovery it might not be always possible and may require professional assistance which would be at the vehicle owners expense.

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