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Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane 

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There are a few items of equipment that are essential when attending a Club trip.  These are for your own safety and the safety of others.

For Scenic trips these items are required:

  • CB radio.  This can be fitted to the vehicle or hand held.
    The Club usually uses Channel 17 for communications
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Basic first aid kit
  • Covered footwear
  • Hat

For all other grades of trip, these additional items are required:

  • Rated recovery points, front and rear. Note that tow balls are not suitable
  • Snatch strap for recovery
  • Tow rated D or bow shackles

The Club recommends these as optional items to be carried:

  • Terrain specific tyres
  • Portable air compressor and tyre pressure gauge
    Basic tool kit
  • Emergency spare parts - talk with Club members to determine the parts that are best suited to your vehicle
  • Fluids - water, oil, WD40, etc
  • High lift jack with a suitable base plate
  • Tow strap, drag chain and tree protector strap
  • Rigger's gloves - for handling winch wires
  • Shovel, axe and bush saw
  • Torch or work light
  • Winch - mat be vehicle mounted or portable such as a Tirfor.  Spare shear pins

The club owns additional equipment that the Trip leader will bring if it is considered appropriate.  This equipment is in addition to that carried by trip participants.

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