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Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane 

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For everyone's safety, there are a few rules that are must be followed.  By attending Club trips, members agree to follow these rules and sign to indicate that agreement on trip attendance sheets.

Trip Rules

Vehicles must be registered, maintained and in a roadworthy condition

Children and animals (when permitted on club trips) must be supervised at all times

The trip leader shall remind all drivers, before moving off, that convoy procedures are to be followed

Participants on club trips will obey the trip leader’s instructions at all times regarding speed, position in convoy, convoy procedure, and route to be taken on or off tracks

The trip leader’s instructions will not be deviated from, except in the case of discussion by all members present, and a majority vote on the proposed deviation by those members present

Prior to the start of the trip, the Trip Leader will:

  • ·         arrange suitable stopping points during the trip for rest breaks. These may be based on either time or distance.
  • ·         Nominate a vehicle to travel last in the convoy
  • ·         Check that basic essential equipment is available for each vehicle

Fuel tanks must be filled prior to the trip departure time

Trip participants will assemble at the agreed meeting place half an hour prior to the departure time to be briefed on the proposed trip. Departure will be punctual. Late vehicles should not expect the convoy to delay on their behalf

Permits, where necessary, will be obtained from management authorities. All effort must be made to obtain permission from property owners before entering private properties

When crossing private property and Crown land under lease, gates, slip rails and property will be left as found

Firearms are prohibited at club activities. Under special circumstances and with prior approval of the executive committee they may be permitted if approved in advance

Motorcycles are excluded from club activities

Animals are allowed on club trips when notified in advance.  The owners are responsible for the animals at all times and must be aware of any restrictions imposed by the trip route, such as national park restrictions, etc.

No unofficial competitions or ‘displays’ of four wheel driving shall take place on club trips without the permission of the Trip Leader

At club events, members shall obey verbal instructions and visual signs erected by the organisers

No person shall consume any large amount of alcohol or any illegal drugs prior to, or during driving in club events or outings. All drivers should legally be able to drive when required

Riding on vehicle bonnets and tailgates is not permitted unless approved by the Trip Leader

The wearing of seat belts is required when on club trips

Tracks and roads should not be deviated from. Any damage caused to tracks or roads will be repaired where required and/or practicable

Bushfire regulations shall be obeyed at all times. Camp and billy fires must be totally extinguished with water before departure.

Members are responsible for the removal of rubbish from activity areas 

Driver training days will be held at regular intervals. Members should avail themselves of such days from time to time, especially prior to a difficult four-wheel driving trip

Convoy Procedures

The lead vehicle will stop at any turnoff or intersection where doubt may exist as to the correct direction. It will wait for the following vehicle to appear before proceeding. Each successive vehicle will then wait for the following vehicle before moving off. By this means, all will be able to follow the lead vehicle, even when vehicles are not fitted with CBs, and the convoy will remain intact.

No vehicle in the convoy shall pass another vehicle in the convoy whilst the convoy is moving, without the trip leader’s instruction, unless there are exceptional circumstances, e.g. breakdown.

When travelling in convoy on main roads, the distance between vehicles should be no less than six car lengths, (gap proportional to vehicle speed and safe braking distance), to assist any traffic wishing to overtaking the convoy.

Avoid travelling too close to the vehicle in front on bush tracks where there may be unexpected braking or the need to wait for other vehicles to clear an obstacle. In especially steep areas, it is preferable to wait until the preceding vehicle is clear of the obstacle before ascending or descending.

Persons leaving the convoy or group must notify the Trip Leader and if possible, give details of their intentions.


Club Members have priority over visitors when trip numbers are limited. Priority for visitors will be first in, first served by notification to the Trip Leader

Non-members may travel as passengers with a club member without the need for permission but will remain the responsibility of the club member who invited them.

No member will invite non-members to participate in club activities in their own vehicle without prior permission from the Trip Leader.

Visitors traveling in their own vehicle must comply with club requirements regarding equipment and recovery points 

Club members are responsible for their visitors and must ensure that they are aware of and adhere to club by-laws and constitution.

Gymkhanas and Trials

The trials official or organiser shall be obeyed at all times during the activities

No one shall drive the track prior to the start of the events

Everyone will walk the track before driving it

Seat belts must be worn during all events

A structural roll bar is recommended for soft-top vehicles

Loose objects inside the vehicle should be secured or removed

Children must obey the same rules as adults.

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