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By Attending club events members and visitors are agreeing to abide by the following rules which are also available on the back of the trip sheet that must be signed when attending a trip.


  1. Vehicles must be registered, maintained and in roadworthy condition.
  2. Children shall be supervised at all times.
  3. The trip leader should remind all drivers, before moving off, that convoy procedure should be followed.

    1. Participants on club trips will obey the trip leader’s instructions at all times regarding speed, position in convoy, convoy procedure, and route to be taken on or off tracks
    2. The trip leader’s instructions will not be deviated from, except in the case of discussion by all members present, and a majority vote on the proposed deviation by those members present.
  4.  Prior to the start of the trip, the leader must:
    1. Arrange suitable stopping points during the trip for rest breaks. These may be based on either time or distance.
    2. Nominate a vehicle to travel last in the convoy
    3. Check with the drivers that basic essential equipment is available to each vehicle.
  5. Fuel tanks must be filled prior to the departure time of the trip.
  6. Trip participants will assemble at the agreed meeting place half an hour prior to the departure time to be briefed on the proposed trip. Departure will be punctual. Late vehicles should not expect the convoy to delay on their behalf.
  7. Every vehicle must be fitted with front and rear towing points.
  8. Every vehicle must carry basic recovery equipment and first aid kit.
  9. Permits, where necessary, will be obtained from management authorities. All effort must be made to obtain permission from property owners before entering private properties.
  10. When crossing private property and Crown land under lease, gates, slip rails and property will be left as found.
  11. Firearms are prohibited at club activities, except under special circumstances and with prior approval of the management committee.
  12. Motorcycles are excluded from club activities.
  13. No animals will be brought on club trips or to outings and activities which are not specifically designated pet friendly.
  14. No unofficial competitions or ‘displays’ of four wheel driving shall take place on club trips without the permission of the trip leader or event organiser.
  15. At club events, members shall obey verbal instructions and visual signs erected by the organisers.
  16. No person shall consume any large amount of alcohol prior to, or during driving in club events or outings.
  17. Riding on vehicle bonnets and tailgates is dangerous and must be avoided unless absolutely necessary. The wearing of seat belts is recommended when in off-road situations.
  18. Tracks and roads should not be deviated from. Any damage caused to tracks or roads will be repaired where required and/or practicable.
  19. Bushfire regulations shall be obeyed at all times. Camp and billy fires must be totally extinguished with water and/or earth before departure.
  20. Members will be responsible for the removal of their rubbish from any activity areas, and will ensure that it is deposited at a designated dump or receptacle.
  21. Driver training days will be held at regular intervals. Members should avail themselves of such days from time to time, especially prior to a difficult four wheel driving trip.


  1. First and foremost, always obey the rules of the road.
  2. Participants will also obey the trip leader's instructions, if any, during club activities.
  3. The trip leader usually travels at the front of the convoy, and nominates the vehicle to travel last. Others can fall in any order.
  4. On main roads, vehicles in convoy should travel no less than eight car lengths apart, to assist overtaking traffic.
  5. Off-road, avoid travelling too close together where there may be unexpected braking or gear changing. In especially steep areas, wait until the preceding vehicle is clear before ascending or descending.
  6. Do not deviate from the track chosen by the trip leader, except in exceptional circumstances.
  7. Try to keep up with the car in front of you, but don't drive beyond your or your vehicle’s capability.
  8. In convoy, you are responsible for not losing the car behind. At intersections or forks, do not proceed until the car behind sights and indicates that he/she has identified the correct direction. Each successive vehicle will then wait for the following vehicle before moving off. This way everyone will be able to remain in convoy, whether CBs are fitted or not.
  9. If you come to an intersection or branch in the road, and there is no one there to indicate direction, DO NOT PROCEED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Pull off the road, and wait for a vehicle to return. If you have a CB, signal that you are stopped and await directions. Radios are not a substitute for good convoy procedure. Wait until a car comes back for you.
  10. Do not overtake other cars moving in convoy.
  11. All gates are to be left as they are found -either open or shut. The second car is responsible for opening and closing the gate, and will fall back into convoy second from the rear.
  12. Drivers leaving the convoy or group, must inform the trip leader, and if possible give details of their intentions.


  1. Pets are not allowed on club trips unless the trip is specifically designated by the club as pet friendly.
  2. Pets are at all times the responsibility of their owners and must at all times be under the control of the owner(s).
  3. Pets must be well socialised - with people, other pets and animals, with no prior adverse incidents or mis-encounters. No dogs, or breeds of dogs, known to be aggressive e.g. Pit Bills, Pig Dogs are allowed on any club trips.
  4. Normal hygiene requirements apply, requiring owners to collect and dispose of their pet's waste.
  5. The Trip Leader may at any time request an owner to remove their pet from the club trip. and they agree hereby to comply.
  6. Owners bringing their pets along on club trips, bear full and sole responsibility for any damages or injury(ies) caused by their pet(s). These pet owners hereby agree to indemnify the club, its executive, the Trip Leader and other club members, in respect of any claim for medical expenses, damages or compensation of any kind made as a result of their pet's action(s) and/or their lack of control of their pet(s) during any club trip.
  7. Those owners bringing pets along on club trips hereby confirm their agreement to these terms by signing this form below.

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