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Defender Weekend

  • 04 May 2013
  • 05 May 2013
  • Boonah


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AULRO ( is organising a Defender Day Out / Weekend.  To participate you must drive a coil-sprung 90 or 110 and be a member of AULRO.

We are making this a LROC Brisbane club trip to facilitate those members who wish to go who will still be covered by the club insurance.

Where do we meet

Day Trippers - 9am sharp.........
Boonah State School Carpark, Yeates Rd (Boonah Rathdowney Rd), Boonah

Friday night campers
You need to reply to this thread advising that you are arriving on Friday.....i will PM you directions.

UHF - 15

Costs - $5/car
Like last time i am trying to keep this trip free for both day tripper and campers however we do have gate fees and with the amount of people attending i am considering hiring a porta loo like last time.

Gate Fees - If somebody opens a gate for you than the fee is at least one wrapped lollie..........or may a lollie for each person in the gate openers need to give the gate opener your whole bag of lollies, i didn't quite explain this last time and the person that opened the first gate was loaded up with a ton of lollies

Loo Donation - from memory a loo cost around $150/weekend, based on 50 cars attending that $3 per car?

So there you go $5 + a bag of individually wrapped lollies.

Any funds left over will be donated to Ranga's wife ride to conquer cancer......feel free to drop a few dollars in any time you want as its a big commitment to raise $2500 to get to the start line.

Property Access requirements
The property owners insurance company has advise that that everybody attending this event needs insurance/liability cover for this activity. This is over and above you car insurance, i need to ensure nothing will put Steve's business at risk.

- All attending will need fill out a form agreeing to pay a $600 excess if they are involved in an incident (injury or kill stock, damage the property, take legal action against the property owner etc etc). The insurance is being covered by SLOw.

2. If you are a member of any 4wd club and your club has registered/listed this trip as a club trip than you will be covered under your own club arrangements however you stillneed to fillout Part A of the formp.

I doubt we will need to use the above but it gives Steve piece of mind.......last time i asked that everybody be responsible for their own actions without transfer the blame to the property owner.

Criteria: the name suggests it all, you will need to own or borrow a county, 110 or defender (90. 110, 120, 130) to attend however.......if you have a series you're in luck, bring it along if you like. Open to all anybody and everybody including AULRO members, Clubs and interstater.

No running water
No toilets (porta loo will be centralls located)

Happy for dogs to attend however they need to be well behaved, leave the cattle alone, not annoy others etc etc

I have a site in mind 'Cathy's' (name of the blocK) , i just need to find a weekend to pop out there.
No problems with a fire, we will restrict to just one though.......there is as much fire wood as we want
Bring your camp oven if thats you preferred method of cooking
Porta Loo will be available at this stage
Site can cater for tents, camper trialers and caravans, think 20-30 acres that we can spread out, we wont be in each other pockets

Photo shoot, 'Colemans' 10am at Fiat Hill, same place as last time. This will take some time as i plan to spell the word DEFENDER using our cars.........i'm thinking we will need approx. 30-40 cars for this....yep probably everybody that turns up

Lucky Defender Draw
A Drive will see how our time pans out, the photo shoot, lunch and the lucky defender draaw will consume a few hours. Even driving through the property to Lake Maroon with 40+ cars took more than 1hr last time....i.e. 2 or 3km
GeoCaching 'Cathy's' for those with a GPS, should be fun for big kids as well as little kids. This will be available throughout the weekend
Other than that no much else planned, its more about a bunch of defender parked up so we can all have a look, ask questions etc etc

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