Land Rover Owners Club of Brisbane Inc

Welcome to our list of club supporters!

Supporting the club is easy - all you have to do is place an advertisement with us!

Advertising in the club newsletter and on this website is fundraising for the club and as such we do not provide invoices (but we do provide payment slips).  However our rates are quite cheap for the people you reach and every advertisement helps the financial stability of our club.

The cost for a 3 month advert is:

  • $30 for ¼ page;
  • $60 for ½ page;
  • $120 for full page. 

We are happy to offer you a discount if you submit either a ½ or full page advert and pay up-front for the full year – a discount of $20 for the ½ page advert or $30 for the full page advert.     

 ½ page full year normal price $240 
 Discounted $220


 Full page full year normal price $480 
 Discounted $450

Payment can be from either cheque (preferred) or direct bank transfer.  Please contact with any questions and your preferred method of payment.  Relevant details will then be forwarded on.

No adverts will be run until payment is received in full.

Advertisers are, of course, entitled to a copy of the monthly newsletter for the period of their advertisement.  The newsletter can be delivered either electronically or by post, whichever you would prefer.

We are proud to be supported by the following companies: -

British Offroad

M.R. Automotive

Triumph Rover Spares


APT Fabrications

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